Atlantic City Pays Out $25 Million in Settlements and Awards in Nine Years

Atlantic City pays out $25 million in settlements and awardsThe Atlantic City government has spent more than $39 million on legal costs, settlements and judgments between 2000 and 2009, and litigants have reportedly received $25 million in settlements and awards in that period.

The Press of Atlantic City obtained and analyzed the city's legal records to calculate these figures. The news source further reports that the city spent $14 million on contracts with law firms.

According to The Press, these figures are dramatically high when compared to the expenses of larger cities and municipalities in the area over the same period. The news provider reports that Atlantic City's costs have been approximately equal to those of Newark, which has a population eight times greater than Atlantic city. Townships with populations comparable to Atlantic City's 35,000 paid one-sixteenth of what Atlantic City paid during the nine-year period.

According to former Atlantic City mayor Jim Whelan, Atlantic City's legal expenses are part of a general perception that the city has "deep pockets," the news provider reports. Whelan also claims that the city has been especially cautious and has often chosen to settle rather than proceeding with a potentially lengthy and expensive trial.