Asbestos Lawsuit Names 57 Defendants

Asbestos lawsuit names 57 defendantsA St. Clair County, Illinois couple has recently filed a toxic substance lawsuit, naming 57 defendant companies that the lawsuit alleges contributed to the husband's prolonged asbestos exposure.

Perry Shockley was initially exposed to asbestos when he was 11 years old and working as a milk truck driver, the toxic substance lawsuit claims. Throughout the rest of his career, he was employed in professions that allegedly exposed him to asbestos, the Madison-St.Clair Record reports.

The lawsuit claims that Shockley's exposure to asbestos caused him to develop lung cancer, become disabled and disfigured, suffer mental and physical pain and incur medical costs. The defendants are accused of knowing of the health dangers of asbestos exposure and failing to exercise proper care and concern for the plaintiff's safety.

The Shockleys are reportedly asking for a judgment of more than $50,000, economic damages of more than $200,000 and compensatory damages of more than $100,000. The couple also reportedly seeks more than $100,000 in exemplary and punitive damages to prevent similar conduct in the future.

Asbestos-related diseases kill 107,000 people a year worldwide, according to the World Health Organization.