Arizona Resident Arrested After Car Crash, Manslaughter Charges Pending

Arizona Resident Arrested After Car Crash, Manslaughter Charges PendingOn Tuesday, November 1, a Brownwood, Arizona resident was arrested after being indicted by the Grand Jury of Pinal County on manslaughter charges stemming from an earlier car accident, the Brownwood News reports.

According to the media outlet, the County Attorney's office stated that 21-year-old Ethan Ray Echols has been charged with manslaughter following a 2010 car crash that occurred on the night of his high school graduation.

The accident occurred when Echols and three other passengers were driving in a 1999 Chevrolet S-10 pickup truck on the small Arizona Farm Road near the city of Florence. According to the attorney's office, two of the passengers inside the truck were riding in the bed of the pickup when Echols allegedly lost control of the vehicle, causing it to roll several times off the road. In the accident, one passenger was killed while the truck's three other riders, including the driver, were seriously injured.

"At this point, all we have is the indictment. We’ll go to court and the jury of his peers will decide his fate," said County Attorney's office investigator Kostas Kalaitzidis. "Our County Attorney['s] job, mission and statement is to do justice. When [Echols] gets here, God willing justice will be done."

Kalaitzidis added that while some cases are "black and white" when the defendant makes specific plans to kill or injure, this case is likely to be "more complicated."

According to the news source, Echols was arrested without incident at the Murphy USA gas station on West Commerce, and is being held on $100,000 bond at the Brown County Jail.

According to the Arizona Department of Transportation, pickup trucks and vans contributed to 19.6 percent of all crashes in 2010, with 39,571 reported incidents.