Arizona Man Joins Lawsuit Against Propecia Maker

On March 28, 2013, an Arizona man filed a Propecia lawsuit, joining an existing litigation against Merck. Propecia is a drug that has been said to treat male pattern baldness. Despite being FDA approved, there is at least one man who is not happy with the side effects of the drugs.

A Failure to Post Warnings

The man claims that Propecia did not come with health risk warnings, so he was unaware of the consequences of taking the drug. The man is seeking $75,000 for damages. For 18 months up until 2004, he took Propecia. Prior to taking Propecia, he had no sexual dysfunction, anxiety or depression. However, after taking Propecia, the man has stated that it has been an uphill battle from the problems the drug caused. He has struggled with a loss of libido and orgasm disorders.

The man says that he had no idea taking Propecia could result in permanent sexual dysfunction; otherwise, he never would have taken it. Up until 2012 in the United States, Propecia did not come with any warnings or indications that there could be a problem such as permanent sexual dysfunction. In Sweden, however, there were warnings printed on these drugs as early as 2008. This showed that the company knew the drug came with side effects.

What the Company Has To Say

Representatives from the Merck have stated that sexual dysfunction has occurred in less than 2% of males who were taking Propecia, and that after they stop taking Propecia the sexual dysfunction went away. However, scientists have stated Propecia could definitely lead to sexual dysfunction. One of the reports stated that sexual dysfunction due to the drug could last an average of around 40 months, and in some cases, it had lasted for a period longer than six years.

For some men, when they stopped taking Propecia, the side effects went away. However, there are some men who are still dealing with the consequences of taking Propecia. More lawsuits are sure to follow. The plaintiff is suing for claims in fraud, negligent misrepresentation, a breach of warranties, negligence, strict liability and violation of the Arizona consumer fraud act.