Appeals Court Hears Medical Malpractice Suit Regarding Kidney Transplant

Lawsuit alleges rabies-infected kidney transplant killed the patientA Dallas appeals court recently heard a medical malpractice case filed by a teenager’s parents against Baylor University Medical Center and two of its doctors for taking actions that allegedly resulted in the death of their son following his receiving a kidney transplant infected with rabies.

The lawsuit claims that the transplant procedure was unnecessary and that at the time of the transplant, Hightower did not need the procedure to stay alive, according to The Dallas Morning News.

The lawsuit further claims that the defendants acted irresponsibly in transplanting the organ donor’s kidney to Hightower. The doctors and hospital should have expected that the donor’s history of drug use and incarceration would increase his risk of infection, and should not have transplanted the kidney to Hightower for this reason, the lawsuit claims.

According to the news provider, the original medical malpractice suit filed regarding Joshua Hightower’s death was dismissed by a judge due to the plaintiff’s expert witnesses having failed to file adequate reports detailing how the defendants had neglected to properly care for Hightower and how this neglect had resulted in Hightower’s death.

Now that this ruling has been appealed, the appeals court can either uphold the decision or return the case to the lower court.