Apartment Complex Fire Battled by Phoenix Firefighters

Phoenix firefighters responded to a blaze at a local housing complex, the Pillar at Scottsdale luxury apartments, recently. The fire, which did not result in any injuries or deaths, is thought at this time to be accidental, perhaps the result of soldering work being done above the complex’s leasing office. People in the complex at the time of the mid-afternoon fire were able to evacuate safely.

Even so, the residents, as well as the contractors on site before the blaze started, were shaken by the fire. One woman was working out in the gym when the ceiling began to collapse around her. She was able to escape, but was concerned about the others left behind in the building. Those individuals also were able to escape unharmed.

Likewise, another resident who was able to escape feared for the safety of her home in the complex. The fire became so intense that the 50 firefighters on site had to retreat due to high flames and intense heat. The crews brought in five pumper trucks, a host of support vehicles, as well as two ladder trucks to assist in the battle. With the call for help coming in shortly before noon, the crews had the fire under control a little more than a half hour later. Even so, during the battle against the blaze, firefighters had to react defensively against the flames and heat. People observing the fire reported that the flames from the ceiling of the complex shot into the air and combined with equally impressive plumes of smoke.

Along with firefighters from Phoenix, crews from Scottsdale also responded to the call. At this time, no direct cause has been given for the blaze, although fire crew leaders suspect that the work being done on the heating and cooling units above the leasing office could be to blame. Shortly before the fire started, a technician was in the building making repairs to a leak in the cooling system in the attic. The soldering work involved in that repair job may have contributed to the noon hour blaze.

Despite the intensity of the fire, all residents, staff members and firefighters were uninjured. People who live in the complex must now contemplate what, if any belongings have been damaged due to the fire.