Another Lawsuit Filed From Fatal 2008 School Bus Crash

Another lawsuit has been filed in connection with a fatal 2008 school bus accident.A new lawsuit has been filed on behalf of one of the school bus passengers that was injured when a semi-trailer collided with the bus on a Florida road in 2008, according to the Gainesville Sun.

The lawsuit is the fifth that has occurred following the school bus crash on September 23, 2008, which claimed the life of 13-year-old Frances Margay Schee. The newspaper said the newest suit, against the driver of the semi-trailer Reinaldo Andujar Gonzalez and the trucking company Comtrak Logistics, claims that the crash caused defendant Arial Dillard to suffer physical injuries as well as mental anguish as a result of witnessing the death of her classmate.

The lawsuit said Dillard has sustained emotional distress, depression, loss of appetite, phobias related to modes of travel, as well as other ailments, following the crash, reported the source.

Reports say Gonzalez had been on the road for more than 16 hours without a required break at the time of the crash. The Associated Press reports that the Obama administration has proposed reducing the daily limit on hours truck drivers may spend behind the wheel from 11 to 10 hours and implementing mandatory rest breaks as a way to improve safety.