Amtrak Worker Involved in Fatal Nevada Crash Files Suit Against Employer

The victims of a deadly Amtrak crash have filed a personal injury suit against the company.An Amtrak attendant who was injured during a deadly Nevada crash last month has filed a personal injury lawsuit after witnessing traumatizing scenes of carnage while she tried to help survivors escape from the train, according to published reports.

According to the lawsuit, the driver of the semi-truck, Lawrence Valli, ignored railroad crossing gates and warning signals, causing him to slam on the breaks before his big-rig skidded the length of a football field and crashed into the passenger train. Valli was killed in the wreck.

Lana Dickerson claims she had to double back past dead bodies trapped in a smokey train car and jump 15 feet out of a window in order to escape the wreckage. Six people were killed in the accident, including another employee Dickerson said she had been working alongside moments before the incident.

In addition, the lawsuit claims Dickerson kept her wits during the event and "personally attended to [the passengers] before and after the disaster".

The suit names the trucking firm John Davis Trucking in the lawsuit, which was filed in U.S. District Court in Reno.

Amtrak is reportedly conducting its own internal review of the accident while the National Transportation Safety Board is performing a formal investigation.

Multiple other people involved in the accident have also filed lawsuits. In addition, The Associated Press reports that Amtrak has also sued John Davis Trucking for at least $10 million for negligence in the hiring and training of a driver who crashed the semi-trailer into the train.

A similar crash occurred in Maine earlier this month between a Portland-bound Amtrak train and the driver of a tractor trailer. The crash also killed six people. Authorities discovered the driver of the truck had at least 11 traffic offenses on his record.