Alleged Drunk Driver Causes Seven-Car Pileup in Rhode Island

Alleged Drunk Driver Causes Seven-Car Pileup in Rhode IslandA 25-year-old man has been charged with drunken driving after allegedly causing a seven-car pileup on Interstate 95 in Pawtucket, Rhode Island, on Sunday, August 21, the Boston Globe reports.

Derrick Azevedo, of Pawtucket, allegedly hit four other cars that were stopped in a southbound lane due to another crash. Azevedo and five other people were taken to a local hospital with minor injuries. In total, 10 people were involved in the accident.

Azevedo was released from State Police custody following the accident and is due back in court on September 9.

According to the Rhode Island State Police, three separate accidents were involved in the larger scene. Two cars were involved in the initial accident, a third car was stopped to help and was then hit by a fourth car in a second collision. A fifth car that was stopped to help the subsequent crash was hit by Azevedo’s vehicle, which then caused the collision with a seventh car.

Early in the morning on Sunday, all southbound lanes were closed as a result of the accident, according to ABC 6.

Just a few days earlier, another Rhode Island man made headlines when he was charged with driving drunk with his infant in the vehicle, according to the Boston Globe.

Shaun Barry, 32, was arrested on the evening of August 18 and charged with drunken driving after he allegedly hit another vehicle in Cumberland, Rhode Island. Police were also alerted to his vehicle because they received several reports of a car driving erratically.

According to the Newport Patch, the Rhode Island State Police, Rhode Island Police Chief’s Association and Mothers Against Drunk Driving are working together to ramp up details to catch DUI offenders and seat belt law violators in the state. Thanks to funding from the Rhode Island Department of Transportation, there will be additional patrols to target seat belt and child restraint issues, texting violations and impaired drivers.