Alabama Woman Files Lawsuit Over Allegedly Contaminated Nutrient IV

Alabama Woman Files Lawsuit Over Allegedly Contaminated Nutrient IVA woman whose mother died after receiving intravenous feeding fluid in an Alabama hospital has filed a dangerous drugs lawsuit against the manufacturer of the IV bags, claiming they were contaminated with bacteria.

Health officials say that Mary Ellen Kise was one of nine Alabama patients who died after receiving nutrient fluid through an IV bag manufactured by defendant Meds IV, according to The Associated Press. Her daughter, Barbara Young, has named the company and three of its executives as defendants in her dangerous drugs lawsuit.

According to Reuters, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is currently investigating a link between the IV bags and the 19 infections leading to nine patient deaths in six Alabama hospitals. Meds IV says it is cooperating with the investigation, and has been ordered by a state judge not to destroy its stock of the recalled IV product, as it is evidence.

According to the AP, health officials say it will be difficult to pinpoint a direct link between the deaths and the product, since all patients who received the nutrients intravenously were already seriously ill when they were hooked up to the feeding IV.