upset driver behind the wheel

Aggressive Driving and Car Accidents

Car accidents occur for many reasons, many of them being a combination of distractions for the vehicle operators. Many cars are often loaded with multiple passengers, and things happen during transportation that can impact driving safety. Possibly the most problematic of driving behaviors is aggressive driving because it can often lead to frustrated responses from otherwise reasonable drivers. Most individuals are aware of the inherent dangers of operating a vehicle and do not take the process for granted, but sometimes following the flow of traffic becomes competitive, resulting in car accidents.


Driving at an excessive rate of speed is never acceptable, although sometimes it appears that way in traffic. Patrolmen often give a driver some room for adjustment while driving in highway traffic. This practice can become the norm when all drivers are attempting to maintain traffic flow, and can be especially problematic with malfunctioning vehicles or impaired drivers. The speed limits are set for a reason, and staying within the limit is always the best practice.


Following a vehicle too closely is a dangerous practice and typical aggressive driver behavior, though many drivers do not realize it. It is always a good idea to maintain a safe distance from the vehicle in front of you and avoid aggressive traffic lanes when possible. Getting caught in close traffic occurs quickly and leads to very serious driving situations, along with short decision times for motorists.

upset driver behind the wheelROAD RAGE

Aggressive driving can lead to anger among other highway occupants. This can result in dangerous situations when an impaired driver is involved in an aggressive situation that results in an individual war of vehicles on the highway. It also endangers numerous other motorists who are conscientious, safe drivers. Road rage is never good and can contribute to very serious auto accidents.

Generally, distracted driving can be considered a form of aggressive driving, although many individuals who practice distracted driving do not consider the possibilities. Drunk driving is a form of distracted and aggressive driving, as it is the major contributor to most fatal accidents on the highways. It is important to always follow traffic laws and drive defensively at all times.