Bladder Cancer Prognosis

Bladder cancer is the sixth most common type of cancer in the United States. Every year, between 66,000 and 70,000 people are diagnosed with bladder cancer, and nearly 15,000 people die from the disease. Despite these figures, it is considered one of the more treatable forms of cancer as long as it is detected early. A favorable prognosis for bladder cancer patients decreases drastically as the disease progresses into the final stages. In addition, high-grade tumors have a less favorable prognosis than smaller, more manageable tumors.

Factors in Prognosis

While how long the cancer has been present and the size of the tumor are the two most important factors in determining a prognosis for bladder cancer, an accurate prognosis depends on several other factors. The response to treatment is an important factor. If the cancer is not responding, it is may spread rapidly to other areas of the body.

Treatment follow-up is also important in determining a prognosis. Regular checkups should be made after treatment has finished. The bladder should be checked every 3 to 6 months for signs of recurrence. If treatment of the cancer has proved successful, and follow-ups are continued, the cancer may never recur.

Recurrence of Bladder Cancer

The chances of a recurrence after treatment for a small tumor at the early stages are 15 percent in the first year and 32 percent in the first five years. These statistics take into consideration regular follow-ups. When recurrence does happen, the cancer usually recurs near the same point in the inner lining.

When larger tumors are removed in the later stages of bladder cancer, recurrence rates go up dramatically. The recurrence rate increases to 61 percent in the first year and 78 percent within five years. For these reasons, it is important to follow up on bladder cancer diagnoses as quickly as possible.

Survival Rate of Bladder Cancer

In the early stages of bladder cancer, the survival rate is extremely high, higher than 90%. However, the survival rate drops significantly as time goes on. After five years, the survival rate can be as low as 25% to 30%.

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