$8.7 Million Awarded to Car Accident Victim

Lawsuit claimed officials were too slow in responding to a seven car pileupA woman was recently awarded $8.7 million by a jury as the outcome of her car accident lawsuit against the South Jersey Transportation Authority (SJTA) and the New Jersey State Police.

Janet Henebema had been in a seven-car pileup in 2005 that left her an amputee, and her lawsuit claimed that a prompter response by authorities would have prevented her injuries, according to the Shore News Today.

A timeline constructed by the plaintiff’s attorney suggests that it took nearly an hour for state troopers to arrive on the scene following the first collision. When Henebema arrived on the scene, she collided with one of the vehicles involved in the crash, according to the timeline.

After her vehicle came to a stop, she exited it and attempted to leave the roadway when she was struck by an off-duty police officer. This collision shattered her pelvis and made the amputation of her leg necessary, according to the news source.

The jury concluded that the defense failed to respond to a series of 911 calls made after the initial collision, and that it was this failure which was responsible for Henebema’s injuries.

The SJTA plans to appeal the decision, the news provider reports.