$66 Million Awarded in Gym Machine Personal Injury Lawsuit

$66 million awarded in gym machine lawsuitA New York woman has recently been awarded $66 million in damages from a gym equipment manufacturer as the outcome of a lawsuit in which she claimed a gym machine fell on her and caused severe injuries.

Natalie Barnhard claimed in her personal injury lawsuit that she was working as a physical therapist in Buffalo, New York, when the incident occured, the Boston Herald reports. Her lawsuit claimed that a gym machine manufactured by Cybex International fell on her while she was doing a shoulder stretch. Barnhard was allegedly rendered a quadiplegic by the incident.

Cyber International responded to the verdict by saying the company plans an appeal. The firm denied liability for the injury, claiming that the gym machine in question was used for 25 years without causing any other injuries. Cybex reportedly only has a $4 million insurance policy to cover the claim, and the current verdict may drive the company to bankruptcy, according to the news source.

"It's my understanding it may be the largest personal injury verdict in the history of Western New York," one of Barnhard's personal injury attorneys said of the lawsuit, according to BuffaloNews.com.