6 Ways Your Smartphone Puts You At Risk of Injury

Most people know someone who has a smartphone. Smartphones have become one of the most popular mobile devices ever created. As with anything, irresponsible use of this product can result in injury. Here are six of the most common smartphone injuries in the United States.

1) Back and Neck Pain

In 2008, the term “text neck” was coined due to the increase of neck pain from texting. Smartphones are used for texting, playing games, browsing the web, and a multitude of other tasks besides talking to people. The normal weight for an average-sized head is about ten pounds. For every inch that you lean forward, you double the pressure on your spine. To eliminate this, take breaks and put your Smartphone in a position where your head can sit squarely above your ears rather than angled downwards.

2) Thumb Injuries

Most people use their thumbs to text on their smartphones, not realizing how frequently they use the thumb. With people spending hours on their phones, texting, playing games, and browsing on the Internet, it’s really no surprise that the thumb is being overworked. The best way to deal with this problem is to take breaks and also use other fingers to text and do other phone tasks.

3) Text Claw

When people text on their Smartphones, they often hold their phones in the palms of their hands and clench the phone in a “claw like” fashion. What many people don’t realize is that this constant, repetitive motion puts a great deal of strain on the entire hand; even the wrists and forearm can be affected as well. This can be avoided by changing the way you text, or texting less frequently.

4) Eyestrain and Headaches

Ophthalmologists are finding that people hold their Smartphones closer to their eyes than when they read actual books or newspapers. This puts more pressure on the eyes and can cause headaches. It’s important to enlarge texts on your phone so you don’t strain your eyes. In addition, read longer emails and webpages on a computer rather than on your Smartphone to prevent straining your eyes.

5) Car Accidents

Smartphone usage has been tied to over 4,500 auto accidents in 2013. The main causes are texting, browsing the web, and answering messages. The answer to this problem is simple: Don’t use your Smartphone while you drive.

6) Running Into People

While it is almost humorous, it’s true that more and more people are running into each other while walking and using their cell phones. In addition, people are finding that it’s easy to pickpocket someone who is distracted by his or her cell phone. You can avoid both of these problems by putting your phone away while you walk and stopping when you need to be on your phone.