$4.6 Million Awarded in Medical Malpractice Lawsuit Against Hospital

Lawsuit claimed hospital was late in administering blood transfusionA Wright County, Minnesota, family was recently awarded $4.6 million as the outcome of a medical malpractice lawsuit against the hospital that allegedly allowed Claudia Calcagno, a family member, to bleed to death following childbirth.

According to the plaintiff's attorney, Calcagno began hemorraging following the delivery of her son and died several hours after, StarTribune.com reports. The lawsuit claimed that Calcagno needed a blood transfusion before she could receive a life-saving surgery, and that the hospital was late in providing blood for the necessary transfusion, allegedly causing Calcagno's death.

The lawsuit also named two doctors as defendants, but they were not found to be negligent by the jury, according to the news source.

A statement issued by the hospital said that "Our thoughts and sympathy go out to the Calcagno family."

The hospital had attempted to place the fault with the doctors during the lawsuit, according to the plaintiff's medical malpractice attorney. They are considering the possibility of appealing the court's decision, according to the news provider.