$250,000 Awarded in Tendon Surgery Medical Malpractice Lawsuit

Lawsuit claimed surgeon botched tendon operationA jury in Highlands County, Florida, found for a man who had sued his surgeon following a botched bicep tendon surgery and awarded the plaintiff $250,000 for medical expenses and pain and suffering.

According to court records, Galen Martin had injured his bicep tendon in 2003 while lifting heavy objects at work and went to the Lakeview Occupational and Industrial Clinic, where he was treated by Dr. Jose R. Thomas-Richards, Highlands Today reports.

Thomas-Richards performed a surgery on Martin, but reportedly reattached the tendon to the wrong location, realized his mistake at the first post-op and allegedly proceeded to try to hide it.

Martin learned of the botched procedure when he went to University of Florida Medical Center, according to the news source. He then allegedly had a second surgery to correct the first. He claimed that he was left with permanent pain and partial loss of function of his arm.

According to court records, Thomas-Richards later admitted to reattaching the tendon incorrectly.

The doctor had had two previous complaints against him in recent years. Both cases were settled and Thomas-Richards paid a $5,000 fine for each, the news provider reports.