$20 Million Settlement Reached in Toddler’s Brain Injury Lawsuit

Toddler struck in the head by pipe during car accidentAn Appleton, Wisconsin family will receive $12 million of the $20 million settlement that concluded the lawsuit over their daughter's brain injury.

The injury occured in 2008, when a truck carrying metal pipes collided with the girl's family's car, scattering some of the pipes the truck was carrying, the Post Crescent reports. One of these pipes entered the family's vehicle and struck the child in the head, causing her severe brain injury.

The child, who is currently 4 years old, functions at the level of a 2-year-old and suffers from blindness and epilepsy allegedly due to the injuries she sustained during the crash. According to the family's personal injury attorney, she will need 24-hour care for the rest of her life.

The family's lawsuit claimed that the rack holding the pipes was defective, which caused them to spill out more easily upon the truck's collision with the family's vehicle, the news provider reports. Liability was distributed between the truck's driver and his employer, the rack's manufacturing company and the rack's distribution company. The latter was judged to bear the bulk of the liability.