$2.5 Million Personal Injury Lawsuit Filed Against Winn Dixie

Personal injury lawsuit filed over back injuryA Louisiana woman has filed a personal injury lawsuit against the supermarket Winn Dixie, claiming that she slipped on a foreign substance that had been spilled on the floor of the store's premises.

Belinda Pellegrin believes Winn Dixie is responsible for her injuries, as the store allegedly failed to provide her with a safe place to shop, failed to properly maintain grocery aisles, failed to warn customers that aisles were not adequately maintained and failed to block off the aisle with the spilled substance, the Louisiana Record reports.

Pellegrin claims in her personal injury lawsuit that the fall resulted in a severe injury to her back and mind, and seeks compensation for medical expenses, legal costs, lost wages and pain and suffering. She is represented by a personal injury attorney and seeks a jury trial, according to the news source.

According to WebMD, falls can result in mild to severe back injuries. Tripping or falling a short distance may cause injuries which are more minor, whereas a high-energy fall on the buttocks can often lead to a more serious injury.