$17.7 Million Settlement Reached in Brain Injury Lawsuit

$17.7 Million Settlement Reached in Brain Injury LawsuitA former policeman who had filed a medical malpractice lawsuit against a hospital and a nursing staffing agency recently agreed to a $17.7 million settlement to put an end to the litigation.

George Nissen was believed to have suffered a stroke caused by injuries sustained during a fight while he was on the job in Stone Park, Illinois, according to the Chicago Sun-Times. After the stroke, staff at the University of Illinois Medical Center inserted an external ventricular drain into his head to drain excess fluid around his brain and relieve pressure. Several days after the stroke, doctors told several nurses to clamp the drain to determine if Nissen was stable enough to have the drain removed, the news source reports.

While the drain was clamped, Nissen’s intracranial pressure allegedly rose to dangerous levels, and the nurses entrusted with his care allegedly did not monitor the pressure. The lawsuit claims that due to the nursing staff’s negligence, Nissen suffered a brain herniation, currently suffers from quadriplegia, can no longer eat or speak and can only communicate through head-shaking and eye movements.

The $17.7 million settlement was reportedly reached shortly before the trial was about to start. According to the news source, $16.2 million of the settlement came from the hospital and another $1.5 million came from the nursing agency.