$1.26 Million Awarded in Dangerous Drugs Lawsuit Against Novartis

$1.26 million awarded in dangerous drugs lawsuitThe family of a North Carolina woman who allegedly suffered jaw damage from taking cancer drugs manufacturer by Novartis has recently won a $1.26 million award in their dangerous drugs lawsuit against the company.

Rita Fussman was taking Novartis manufactured medications Aredia and Zometa to treat her breast cancer, News-Record.com reports. As a result of taking these drugs, Fussman allegedly suffered bone death in the jaw. Novartis was accused of not providing her with information about possible side-effects of the drugs she was taking, which would allegedly have allowed her dentists to prevent some of the jaw damage she sustained.

She died of breast cancer last year, and the lawsuit that her family carried on claimed that the jaw damage and the treatments she needed to receive for it adversely affected the last seven years of her life, the news source reports.

More than 700 lawsuits have reportedly been filed nationwide against Novartis, claiming adverse reactions to one or both drugs. According to WebMD, lack of proper oral hygiene and certain dental procedures can increase a patient's risk of developing bone death after taking Aredia.